VPN Provider proXPN

The relatively new proXPN provider has its head office in Rotterdam. ProXPN currently offer servers in four different countries: the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Singapore. Since the provider is relatively new to the market, it can be assumed that is already working on a major infrastructure and more servers will be added in other countries in the future.

The service of the provider is available in both a free and a paid version. The associated VPN clients are available for Windows, Mac and mobile devices. The biggest drawback to the free service is limited to 300kbps bandwidth. More Info on American VPN.

The network of proXPN consists of about 70,000 IPs and as OpenVPN protocol standard is used with a 2048-bit key encryption. File-sharing services are only available for premium customers. In Providerlogs is held, inter alia, when a user has in the VPN network connected, disconnected, and what has he consumes bandwidth.

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