Following the issuance of the October 2012 „action shooter“ (an exact date is not set), based on the same principle as its predecessors have done already. The players will assume role of a person in a city that takes gradually missions, new areas unlock, win friends and gained respect.

The game developer (Rockstar North) promise the players an even bigger card than the one from GTA San Andreas.

It should be, this is Los Angeles. The city is, according to publisher, stunning graphics and have to be incredibly detailed. In addition, there will be many, and even more walk-building missions. Check out more infos on!

A variety of cars, ships, helicopters and planes have been promised more than it has given them into the other GTA’s.

In addition to missions, there are probably many new, the other should be integrated from the old GTA’s, and in addition.

In that role, which is now slipping person, is still unclear. More news will be released on soon.

In the Game trailer you can see a bearded man running through the streets dressed in black and is apparently pursuing. He tells of his enemies, and the corruption in the city. It seems as if the character of a particular property, namely, that he can see where a crime takes place. In the trailer it looks like a woman is pursued and runs over to these places, where he has the pictures because he wants to save this woman (as he says). In appearance, the character in GTA V slip into the role of the good and fight against crime.

Further information was not published by the publisher, but it is clear that the player has a very big world, just as many expected with missions.

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