Regarding the actions seep slowly more and more rumors to light. It is assumed that pets should be available from now on. Thanks to the new regions, the world will be 5 times as big as its predecessor.

The protagonist of the short spot is similar to the aged edition of T. Vercetti, who will retire from the industry gangsters back and enjoy a secluded family life. Said commercial shows the virtual world what we already knew from San Andreas. But the plans of the main protagonists are, however, made to naught, for he is brought back from his criminal past days on the earth. Diffuse is still whether the character is limited forms by hand or at least has to make choices about his character profile

The popular blockbuster game would reportedly in October 2012 or in stores on 09/03/2013.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC has an inspiring success story. Each individual phenomena could the Rockstar Games PC gamers all over again and take in demanding a monument set in the world of video games. Thus, it is not surprising that the release is in its fifth edition on the shelves and has million fans throughout the world. More Info at GTA 5 PC. In the near future GamesCom starting in August it can be assumed (as followers hope) that the manufacturer will announce additional information, should bring additional light into the darkness. Graphically, the new version will again set a time a pulse. The characters seem more sophisticated than in previous versions of Grand Theft Auto. There are actually many, many more people will walk on the virtual ground. GTA 5 will be available on games consoles, Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 and PC.


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