The last part of the DOA series came on the market six years ago, and took the world of games. The same requirements are now after all this time from the fourth successor of Partly expected.

Rumours say that anothe famous game goes into the fifth round this year – Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox will likely be released in winter 2012 or spring 2013.

Dead or Alive 5 for predicting the game developers, that a completely new engine could be created. Nevertheless continues to be held at the beat-em-up series, say the Movement will not change as much as was expected at the beginning.
The game offers an arcade mode where you have to cross a certain fighter planes and defeat his opponent has. Many new features have been involved in the game, such as the „Power Blow Attack“, in which the enemy is fragmented by a sudden attack.

The graphical elements represent the upper ranges of the Fighter in more detail than ever before. The level of detail goes so far that the clothes are soiled during the fight and can break through targeted strikes. Even the sweat of each fighter will not be overlooked. Furthermore, it is in Dead or Alive 5 not only present for the normal fighter, but some who are new to it. 25 fighters are offered to the users under these fighters, which tümmeln of each division, speak for everyone is the right thing or the right thing here.

The game offers an arcade mode, which can be completed in campaigns under different difficulty levels. In addition, the online mode has been expanded so the fighter has a chance to prove themselves against the entire network.

Dead or Alive 5 will build safe despite new engine to the previous versions. The fights will be more realistic and even fans of the female fighters will come through superior level of detail at their expense.

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