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VPN Provider proXPN

The relatively new proXPN provider has its head office in Rotterdam. ProXPN currently offer servers in four different countries: the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Singapore. Since the provider is relatively new to the market, it can be assumed that is already working on a major infrastructure and more servers will be added in other countries in the future.

The service of the provider is available in both a free and a paid version. The associated VPN clients are available for Windows, Mac and mobile devices. The biggest drawback to the free service is limited to 300kbps bandwidth. More Info on American VPN.

The network of proXPN consists of about 70,000 IPs and as OpenVPN protocol standard is used with a 2048-bit key encryption. File-sharing services are only available for premium customers. In Providerlogs is held, inter alia, when a user has in the VPN network connected, disconnected, and what has he consumes bandwidth.


The last part of the DOA series came on the market six years ago, and took the world of games. The same requirements are now after all this time from the fourth successor of Partly expected.

Rumours say that anothe famous game goes into the fifth round this year – Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox will likely be released in winter 2012 or spring 2013.

Dead or Alive 5 for predicting the game developers, that a completely new engine could be created. Nevertheless continues to be held at the beat-em-up series, say the Movement will not change as much as was expected at the beginning.
The game offers an arcade mode where you have to cross a certain fighter planes and defeat his opponent has. Many new features have been involved in the game, such as the „Power Blow Attack“, in which the enemy is fragmented by a sudden attack.

The graphical elements represent the upper ranges of the Fighter in more detail than ever before. The level of detail goes so far that the clothes are soiled during the fight and can break through targeted strikes. Even the sweat of each fighter will not be overlooked. Furthermore, it is in Dead or Alive 5 not only present for the normal fighter, but some who are new to it. 25 fighters are offered to the users under these fighters, which tümmeln of each division, speak for everyone is the right thing or the right thing here.

The game offers an arcade mode, which can be completed in campaigns under different difficulty levels. In addition, the online mode has been expanded so the fighter has a chance to prove themselves against the entire network.

Dead or Alive 5 will build safe despite new engine to the previous versions. The fights will be more realistic and even fans of the female fighters will come through superior level of detail at their expense.


Regarding the actions seep slowly more and more rumors to light. It is assumed that pets should be available from now on. Thanks to the new regions, the world will be 5 times as big as its predecessor.

The protagonist of the short spot is similar to the aged edition of T. Vercetti, who will retire from the industry gangsters back and enjoy a secluded family life. Said commercial shows the virtual world what we already knew from San Andreas. But the plans of the main protagonists are, however, made to naught, for he is brought back from his criminal past days on the earth. Diffuse is still whether the character is limited forms by hand or at least has to make choices about his character profile

The popular blockbuster game would reportedly in October 2012 or in stores on 09/03/2013.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC has an inspiring success story. Each individual phenomena could the Rockstar Games PC gamers all over again and take in demanding a monument set in the world of video games. Thus, it is not surprising that the release is in its fifth edition on the shelves and has million fans throughout the world. More Info at GTA 5 PC. In the near future GamesCom starting in August it can be assumed (as followers hope) that the manufacturer will announce additional information, should bring additional light into the darkness. Graphically, the new version will again set a time a pulse. The characters seem more sophisticated than in previous versions of Grand Theft Auto. There are actually many, many more people will walk on the virtual ground. GTA 5 will be available on games consoles, Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 and PC.


GTA 5 Xbox

GTA 5 is with certainty at the time of the most desired game fans most of our time. A few other releases make for nearly as much interest and attention from the followers of entertaining games. For this reason it is not a bit surprising that the environment is already confronted almost every day with brand new rumors.

Recently, new information has been longed for, to advertising and content on the E3. Unfortunately, fans and journalists went away empty-handed, because Rockstar did not reveal any further hints at all. News about different consequences are both XMas autumn or the current year and the end of the 1st Quarter of next year possible. Since, on the part of the developer but so far no official confirmation, these speculations remain wishful thinking.

Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox 360 has a great history. For each individual phenomena Rockstar Xbox 360 gamers could put on a new and fascinating a character in the history of virtual games. Thus, it is not unconstitutional as expected, that the game already in the fifth Version is published and has millions of fans throughout the world. Check out more Info at GTA 5 Xbox.

In GTA 5 on Xbox 360 gamers can immerse themselves in the virtual world in and around Los Santos, a fictional metropolis of the U.S. City LA should be adjusted. Even the main character remains as the most unknown. Players from around the world are wondering whether the move while gamers get into the role of an aged or even the well-known T. Vercetti L. Lopez. Looking at the stories of past parts, however, one must proceed rather from a new player character, this was known since changed forever. Regardless of whose role it is to put yourself whatever may, Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox 360 will differ from the contents of her far from the other gaming platforms. It is doing the expected, that the computer version is once again released a little later as well as DLC (downloadable contents) appear a bit later in comparison to the content on the consoles.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will offer its gamers on Xbox 360 back brand new technologies in terms of programming and design. The fictional world, according to report more extensive, and concomitant insane detail to be so much we can believe the shown screenshots from the game already. Brilliant atmosphere has always been a feature of this video game series and it is also notorious for stinging out innovations with a focus on creative and technical genius.

Playfully, the player can look forward to superior development of his character and a few ideas revolutionierender. Most recently, Mr. Houser, Vice President at Rock Star, already given a hint: As for the first time already in Max Payne Part 3 feasible, multiplayer fans will continue in gangs, called Occur crews can. Thus would attack on a bank and the fight against law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to still be many times more intense. Even so, the multiplayer mode is now fixed in the program. So far, fans have had to put up with faulty development of fans to use a multiplayer mode. It is with G.T.A. 5 now finally be different.


Uncountable people cannot completely wrong: The up coming smash hit by Rockstar Computer games is probably on the horizon. For one good reason, Rockstar just won’t enlighten plenty of details now a days. There’s not actually a definative press release time and date released up to this point. But so has Dead or Alive 5 – it will be released during September for sure.

Pretty much all we noticed is obtained from the official movie trailer. The video illustrates a personality actually being hunted downwards an alley from the police officers and a chopper and it has an incontrovertible G.t.a. atmosphere about it.

There are a few places on the web, which bring up totally different kick off dates of G.t.a.. Probably the most certain date ranges are Oct or winter & / or Mar 2013. Check out more Info here.

The Computer version will surely cost roughly $49.99 & the XBox 360 & Ps3 variants charges $60. Grand theft auto five is available for pre-order a number of shopping platforms.

A great number of bugfixes had to be downloaded additionally, the computer hardware preferences it produced towards your gamers Computer system were being quite high and it is a common opinion that this former Grand Theft Auto IV for PC hasn’t been perfectly created. It got a large amount of problems in it that demanded dealing with. But Rockstar Games truly being the sort of group which learns from its problems this trouble should have been dealt with and is not to get estimated on the next Grand Theft Auto 5.


Following the issuance of the October 2012 „action shooter“ (an exact date is not set), based on the same principle as its predecessors have done already. The players will assume role of a person in a city that takes gradually missions, new areas unlock, win friends and gained respect.

The game developer (Rockstar North) promise the players an even bigger card than the one from GTA San Andreas.

It should be, this is Los Angeles. The city is, according to publisher, stunning graphics and have to be incredibly detailed. In addition, there will be many, and even more walk-building missions. Check out more infos on www.buygta5.net!

A variety of cars, ships, helicopters and planes have been promised more than it has given them into the other GTA’s.

In addition to missions, there are probably many new, the other should be integrated from the old GTA’s, and in addition.

In that role, which is now slipping person, is still unclear. More news will be released on http://www.rockstargames.com/ soon.

In the Game trailer you can see a bearded man running through the streets dressed in black and is apparently pursuing. He tells of his enemies, and the corruption in the city. It seems as if the character of a particular property, namely, that he can see where a crime takes place. In the trailer it looks like a woman is pursued and runs over to these places, where he has the pictures because he wants to save this woman (as he says). In appearance, the character in GTA V slip into the role of the good and fight against crime.

Further information was not published by the publisher, but it is clear that the player has a very big world, just as many expected with missions.