The Story of Tigh/Roslin

We are glad that you’ve supported us in our fight for victory! Sadly we didn’t make it in the office, but we will keep fighting for the right of the Tigh/Roslin party!

Our new goals for this year are:

  • preventing aliens from eating our brains
  • engaging a work group that has the goal to explore new planets
  • developing a new standard communication form to talk with aliens from all over the universe
  • cleaning our space explorer ship because doves have unloaded their crap on it

You as a member of our party are invited to help us achieving our goals for ultimate victory. If you’re not a member of our party yet, we encourage you to join us ASAP! Only with us you will be saved from serious brain damages caused by aliens.

Everyone remembers our election campaign and nobody understands why we’ve lost the fight. We are still very angry and planning a comeback soon. This time, nobody can resist, we will collaborate with aliens to deal with the enemy. They’re not shy to use their brain-weapons to convert the minds of resistant party members and people who are chosing the wrong party for election. So beware you not-believers!

the Tigh/Roslin Party

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